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Ceiling replacement

Our kitchen ceiling has artex over textured paper and it needs sorting. It is quite a low ceiling so we need to be mindful of that. I took the old manky coving off and some of the paper has come away with the coving. Would it be best to put plasterboard up and plaster over and then put up the new coving. We are on a fairly tight budget so looking for a good option to sort it out.

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Hi there yes you can put plasterboards and tape&joint instead of plastering is cheaper and then new coving


Answered 25th Jun 2019

If artex has been applied over wall paper it can be easily removed after testing for asbestos then can be re-plastered or you can overboard after takin down coving. Then if required new coving put up


Answered 25th Jun 2019

The easiest option is to over board the ceiling and plaster and possibly use a smaller size coving as the ceiling is low already


Answered 25th Jun 2019

You have to be cautious of what surface is underneath textured paper also have artex tested to ensure it doesn't contain asbestos .once that is established you might be able to strip artex and paper then plaster ceiling if the original ceiling is in solid condition then replace coving.


Answered 25th Jun 2019

Yes plaserboard over and skim then new coving


Answered 25th Jun 2019

You are best to over board the celling if you don't the celling will suck in the plaster that fast it will crack and look rubbish


Answered 25th Jun 2019

If the ceiling is sound and still ok blue grit and skim over the top if not overboard with new boards and skim and put up new coving


Answered 25th Jun 2019

Yes that is definitely what would need to be done.


Answered 25th Jun 2019

Put plasterboard over and reskim


Answered 26th Jun 2019

Peace of mind. Remove old ceiling, then new plasterboard, then new cove. Maybe a bit more expensive but in the long run never had to be done again.


Answered 26th Jun 2019

I would personally take down the old ceiling reboard plaster and put up new coving you can overboard but be careful with the weight of the ceiling


Answered 26th Jun 2019

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