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Minimum height for extra toilet/shower in loft

Anonymous user 24 June 2019 - 11.17 AM

I need to do a full re-roof and get a new pearl put in due to some structural issues. I'm thinking of possibly getting the loft done at the same time to allow it to be used for storage. I don't have the height to do a full conversion and don't want to drop my ceiling. The highest point in the roof is 1.65m. I don't need any more bedrooms or living space but an extra toilet and shower would be nice. Do the building regulations apply to extra toilet/shower in the loft e.g. will the hight I have be ok? Or will that count as living space and need the full 2m height?

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24 June 2019


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Toilets come under building regulations so I would have thought that you would need the room to be at least minimum height to have a toilet which I think is 1.9 but I could be out by a few hundred mill that I always look for 2.2 when all done as I know for sure that 2.2 is acceptable You would also need an extractor fan for all new bathrooms on building regs So if you don’t have the head room then I would suggest you don’t do it as you would never get it signed of


3 July 2019


Castle Heights Building & Maintenance

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Anything above 2mtrs is good 2.1mtrs is preferable so that the shower head height is sufficient to widen the spray effectively.


25 June 2019


A G Parker Construction LTD
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Great Yarmouth

If your purlin needs replacing and your thinking of using the Attic for extra space enquire with planning / building control to see if you can alter the pitch and style of the root if need be to accommodate your requirements


29 June 2019