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Condensation in attic

Our attic has some condensation which was particularly bad when we had the cold snap. As a result, a lot of our things up there are mouldy and had to be thrown away. What would be the best course of action?


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Sounds like you have a lot of warm air escaping into the roof space, and lack of ventilation.
Check you have min 240mm depth of insulation, first layer between ceiling joist 2nd over.
Dont push insulation tight under the eaves, you need an air flow, if needed you can also fit roof tile vents at higher level.
So basically insulate to stop heat going into roof, dont forget to insulate loft hatch, and ensure a good air flow in roof space.
As for throwing the stuff away, if its been in the roof space more than a couple of years, you dont really need it,a lot of people stack stuff in there lofts for years on end and dont even know its there.


Answered 29th Mar 2011

I would recommend tile vents as its the cheaper option or soffit vents fitted with a venting ridge line. the most common vent we fit is the plastic inline vents they look and sit just like a slate/tile, supplied and fitted should cost around £50plus vat each.


Answered 15th Apr 2011

Hi there,
I would recommend an air flow through-out your loft via an eve ventilation ( facia / soffit ) and ridge ventilation.
It' s very discreet and not noticable from the ground.


Answered 16th Apr 2011

firstly as the roof got sarking felt under the the roof coverings, what tends to happen is the last two years we have had cold weather for long periods this causes the condensation but lack of ventilation in the roof space , the membrane we use today is breathable and tends to let the roof space breathe, a couple of tile vents should do the trick


Answered 1st Apr 2011

You have a ventilation problem, Over fascia vents are the cheapest option they sit on top of the fascia board along the span of the roofline, they are approx £1.00 each per metre, plus a fee to fit them. Soffit vents collect of dirt, over fascia vents are not seen from the ground.

Thanks Jason


Answered 18th Apr 2011

coul be caused if you have central heating being vented through the roof,could be caused by warm air from below.same as above make sure it is properly insulated but latest regs are 300mm or 12 inch depth of insulation,


Answered 30th Mar 2011

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