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No access roof spaces

I have a fairly old extension which has roof space with no access and I am presuming no insulation either as it gets pretty damn chilly in there in the winter. What are my options for getting it insulated? Does it mean either taking the roof off or the ceiling down?
It is a pitched roof but looking from outside there doesn't appear to be a great deal of space between internal ceiling ( which also slopes) and the external roof...

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If you have a pitched roof you could install a loft hatch. If its a flat roof its either remove the roof and insulate, remove the ceiling and insulate or insulate on top of the plasterboard with insulated plasterboard and get it skimmed.
With the roof you have you would need to gain access to the pitched part of the roof from the inside and then install 50-70mm celotex insulation cut to the size of the roof rafters and threaded down the pitched part of the roof but be sure to leave 50mm gap for air flow then insulate the larger area with min 270mm loft roll and repair.


Answered 25th Jun 2019

Both good answers. One other option for a pitched roof, which I've performed for so many customers and various housing associations over the years, to keep costs down, is to remove/cut the necessary amount of roof tiles, battens and felt,
making access through the rafters to install loft insulation and then replace and refit. The only new material required is usually a full single length of felt. I don't like patching!!!


Answered 25th Jun 2019


Assuming there is enough space
( and a pitched roof) you could cut out an access big enough to fit through and lay 270mm quilt insulation.
Then either have an access hatch fitted to new cut out, or refit & plaster over hole.

Alternatively you could have 30mm > 50mm insulation plaster board fitted direct onto current plasterboard.

Or lastly wallrock kv600 thermal insulation felt lining.
Good luck


Answered 25th Jun 2019

The cheapest way with minimum disruption, strip a 1m x1m square of the pitched roof , cut the battens on half joists so you can fit them back after, remove enough battens to be able to gain access, remove old felt and you now have access to roof space , you could then fit 270mm of roll out loft insulation over the full area, you can fit the celotex between the joists but most roofs don’t have that they just have the roll out insulation, your main roof is probably like that, then just fit a section of breathable roofing membrane over the hole you cut making sure to take the new felt to the next joist along either side of hole, then fix battens back down and fit tiles back onto battens, not major work


Answered 28th Jun 2019

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