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Wet room problem, advice please


We moved into our house 6 months ago and the wetroom is a pain. We've established that there's no blockage yet every time anyone has a shower the water pools and goes everywhere instead of running down the drain as it should. Tonight as an experiment we took the two insert cups out of the gully (is that the right name?) then had showers and the water went straight down the drain as it should do. No pooling, no running all over the bathroom. Do we HAVE TO have these insert cups in the gully? If so, why? And if the gully needs changed, would it mean the whole floor needs to come up for it to be done?

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The insert in the waste out let form the water trap to prevent smells coming back from the drains.


Answered 21st Jun 2019

Inserts are need as stated but some wet room traps I have fitted in the past have a insert trap that can be trimmed on the top so the water flows faster. Also there is normally only one insert and a grill on top. If it does need a new trap then it is sometime easier to remove a patch of ceiling below rather than the floor as a lot easier and cheaper fix. As minimal damage to the wet room tanking .


Answered 28th Jun 2019

As Buxton said, they stop the smell coming back up, one sits inside the other and work like the U bend under your kitchen sink


Answered 21st Jun 2019

Hi Kazzy12,

Yep, they can really restrict water to drain at times. The purpose of them is, to create a trap of water, to prevent the smell entering your room, as well as catching loose hair, and suchlike.
Is your waste pipe from the shower tray connected directly into a soil stack, where the toilet is connected also? If so, leave it in as I'm sure you would notice unpleasant odours rather quickly, orr does it run to an outside drain where the end of the pipe is open?, in which case leave it out as it's only drawing in fresh outside air.

Hope this helps


Answered 21st Jun 2019

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