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How far in advance of painting can i sugar soap my walls?

I'm preparing for painting a bedroom. It's the first time it's been painted in about 10 years. I want to get on with sugar soaping but may not have time to paint until anything from 3 days to several days later. Will the positive effect of sugar soaping (particularly to provide a key for the paint) last some time or should it be done immediately prior to painting? Thank you.

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As long as you rinse it off in good time, the walls can then be left indefinitely before applying paint.
Just be sure that the walls don't get dirty of greasy again in the meantime (try to avoid dusting and vacuuming, or other tasks that can throw particles into the air), but a delay of a few days should be absolutely fine.
If you leave it another 10 years, you'll have to do it again :)


Answered 29th Sep 2020

Once sugar soap has been used rinse it off, leave to dry can painted any time after, even in a months time


Answered 20th Jun 2019

After sugar soaping you should then rinse it off. Then once dried, providing nothing greasy or dirty comes into contact with the wall it can be painted straight onto any time after. It doesn't need to be done straight away.


Answered 20th Jun 2019

After sugar soap , rinse it down, when dry proceed with finishing coats .


Answered 8th Jul 2019

1 hour is fine.


Answered 21st Jun 2019

Let the sugar soap sit for a minute, then wipe down with a clean cloth/sponge, leave for a couple hours. Then safe to apply your fresh coat of paint.


Answered 21st Jun 2019

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