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Need a new kitchen were is the best place to buy from

Best place to buy a kitchen from

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QUESTION: "Need a new kitchen where is the best place to buy from"

Obviously you already have purchased your kitchen as this post is old but as others have recently brought this to the top I'll add my thoughts as it is a common question.

'Generally,' like most things in life, the more you pay the more you get (quality, durability, longevity etc.)

However kitchen companies are very competitive so shop around as it can make your money go a lot further. For mid-range Howdens and Benchmarx are decent quality. If getting a quote from Howdens get several branches to price it up for you as you will get a different price from each branch depending on how much they want your business. Wren will also price match so also speak to them if you like their products. Don't forget Magnet too.

If you would like something a little bit more special then visit Schmidt.

I've fitted a couple of Schmidt kitchens this month and have been very impressed with the features, cabinet quality and backup service (I'm Cheltenham based so can only speak of the service from the local branch). Yes, probably more expensive than Howdens but certainly worth a look as it won't be that much more considering the life of your kitchen.

If going the cheapest route you can make a cheap flatpack kitchen seem much more expensive by buying quality soft close draw runners and door hinges (Blum Hinges and Blum or Grass draw runners). Also consider investing in one or two design features that will help your kitchen 'pop' and not look like a typical DIY shed offering.

Buying your worktops elsewhere can also save you a packet, especially if you want solid wood. The best price at time of writing is from another Gloucestershire based company I have used a number of times for Oak worktops and been very happy with the quality. They delivery throughout England and Wales.

When it come to fitted furniture (kitchens, bedrooms etc.) a lot depends on installation. I professional installer makes a huge difference.

A lot of people think it is just about butting up boxes and slapping on doors and a worktop. Nothing could be further from the truth. Alignment and levelling are paramount and it is a highly skilled job if you want everything to work as intended.

If attempting to fit yourself watch every relevant video you can on YouTube and be prepared for mistakes that will cost you both time and money. If it's just a straight run then you shouldn't run into too many problems but an L or U shaped design can test your patience to the extreme.

A lot of people attempt to fit their own base units then get the pro's in to fit the worktops (I see a lot of these requests on MyBuilder). Personally I won't fit worktops unless I have also fitted the cabinets but some do so it is an option.

Well I think that gives you a few pointers. All the best with your project.


Answered 30th Jun 2019

One of the best places to go for a new kitchen is wrenkitchen - they will talk you through there products to find the best one for your needs and design.



Answered 19th Jun 2019

Depends on budget. I normally use Howdens. But I have used grant and stone for a more premium quality kitchen.


Answered 19th Jun 2019

Hi there..

There are probably a million and one answers to this question but it all depends on the quality you want. Howdens are fantastic yet reasonably expensive. Wren seem ok but dont have them fit it. Many of our customers are now getting howdens or wickes amongst others to come and draw them a plan and measure up then supplying this to as they are cheaper. This can be difficult though as you have to do much of the organising yourself.

Hope that helps a little
Brothers construction


Answered 19th Jun 2019

Hi Bridget, the final decision you make will depend on a few factors, that are quite important to this. Affordability, functionality and durability are main reason for the decision.
Best quality for middle market kitchens would be Howdens or Benchmarkx as these in my opinion are best and tick most boxes, readily available british made and also have been in the uk market for many years so these are well tried and tested.
Wren kitchens name is quite prominent today but they are quite a sales motivated company so they will use a discount to try and make you purchase the kitchen.
Hope this helps !


Answered 20th Jun 2019

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