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Curtain wall support?

How is the load above a curtain wall normally supported? Can you use a normal steel lintel that is normally used for windows?

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It would depend on the curtain walking section used. Your aluminium supplier should be able to provide you with load calculations. Curtain walking should not be load bearing. I would ask a structural engineer to spec what lintel to use


Answered 19th Jun 2019

The calculation of how to support a load above Curtain Walling would have more to do with the load than whatever is beneath. Windows, doors and curtain walling should not be structural or load bearing.


Answered 20th Jun 2019

As a curtain wall is never load bearing the steelwork above carrying any floor or roof load will already be calculated & installed & no a standard Lintol would not be adequate


Answered 29th Jun 2019

Curtain walling is not load bearing it requires a lintel supported by masonry to carry loads over and above the curtain wall. The dimensions of the lintel are calculated by the span between the supporting walls and the intended load structure.

To state the obvious, the heavier the load requirement the greater the measurement of the lintel dimensions. There is no danger in over compensating the lintels dimensions, there is emmence danger in the reverse.

If in doubt take expert advice from a structural architect, it may cost the customer a little more but it may also save them from injury due to lintel failure. The contractor offering such advice will show the customer he his the right and proper person to undertake such work.


Answered 22nd Jun 2019

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