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I am looking for home alarm systems for intruder detection, fire/gas/flood detection, telephone alerts (SMS/Calls) and ability for visual monitoring of the home via the internet. I don't need ongoing monitoring (via external centres) for alarms or police response.

What kit (brand) would you recommend and install? And what are the components you would recommend to install for a 3-bed semi-link-detached house with 2 reception rooms and attached garage?


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Yale alarm premier alarm has a call feature on it with 3 numbers to dial.
Its a wireless alarm also.
esp infinite also for signals.

ip cameras connected through broadband to your iphone and can connect
to your pc.
Various ip cameras depending on what you are looking for and your needs.


Answered 28th Feb 2012


I would highly recommend Risco agility, 100% wireless system, very reliable, can contact you with an audio message to alert you the alarm has activated.
This system also has full fire protection options.

A traditional CCTV system connected to your existing broadband router will enable you access via an iPhone, ipad, and pc connected to the Internet anywhere in the world.

A standard CCTV system is traditionally much more cost effective than an ip camera system and can provide top quality images and data recording for any period of time you require that can be played back and copied to a cd/DVD if required.


Answered 7th Jan 2013

Risco Agility 3 can provide all of the above functions.

As a totally wireless panel the main issue is getting the mains to the panel and the Ethernet cable, or phone line.

GSM/ PSTN can call you and play a message identifying the type of alert, flood, fire intruder, natural gas, and carbon monoxide all dependant on the detectors being used.

PSTN connection can not use the online app.
GSM module can use the online app when configured in GPRS mode, it will still be able to give you text alerts as well as alert via the app and send you emails. The only thing it cant do at present when configured for the app is receive commands as texts sent to the panel, but that is not required if you have the app anyway.

GSM module can use a pay as you go sim, probably best option if not using the app, if you are using the app, then a world sim from csl dual com is probably the best option, the contract however is via your alarm installer.

IP connects to your router, and is faster than the gprs connection.

To use the PIR cameras you can use GSM or IP to connect to the app, with VU POINT (ip video cameras) you must use IP due to bandwidth.

You can see demos on You Tube regarding this product and its capabilities.

recently the benchmark magazine rated the Agility 3 and Texecom Premier panels the best systems, we install them both.


Answered 3rd Jun 2015

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