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Dear all,

I have cement product asbestos in the ceiling panels of my garage the asbestos is chrysatile and crocidolite.

I have been told it’s fairly low grade.

I hope someone can help me with the following:

Am I able to remove it myself as long as I spray the panels with water?

Am I able to dispose of these sheets in the skip?

Does the garage needs to be clear to stop any asbestos dust falling and contaminating anything else?

Do I need to take precautions with clothing and mask?

Thanks for your help

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Unfortunately you can not dispose of asbestos yourself you have to be a registered waste disposal operator with the appropriate license to deal with asbestos and I would recommend u get a registered company to deal with the whole job then you have no comebacks as the penalty for wrongful disposal would cost way more than having the job done right


Answered 19th Jun 2019

Get a professional asbestos removal and carry licensed company in they can do everything and all up to current regs and healthy and safety standards they should also take away the asbestos or sort it safe removal and transfer to the correct waste management.

All due respect it not just your health and safety you got to think about Tom it’s your family, your neighbours and there families and any members of the public and there family’s too that walk by unknowing of the danger you are causing. The dust sits for a long time and only takes a small amount in the lungs to slowly kill you, you can’t even wash your clothes and get it off a point to note.

Don’t quote me here but I believe it is illegal for you to remove the asbestos sheeting no matter what grade is it because you are not trained and haven’t got a clue what your doing it’s not water you spray it down with either it’s pvp mixed in with water...

You can not put asbestos of any kind in a skip either it must be doubled wrapped in thick plastic and clearly marked as hazardous waste and then it needs to go to special land fill but again you need training and licensing to do this they won’t let anybody dump the hazardous waste as they need to know it been stored property etc again otherwise they are at risk and there site is at risk.

If you remove the sheeting I’d argue your a nemesis to your neighbours and your local community who’s just thinking of his own pocket...

You need to wear a PPE3 rated mask, full body suit not a painters suit either it needs to not let dust through.

You also need eye protection the sort that completely covers the eyes like what scientists wear not safety glasses.

All clothing you wear whiles the asbestos is being removed must also be double wrapped in the same plastic and clearly marked.

This is including shoes, socks, trousers and jumper/ t shirt and even your underwear if you wanna be super safe the dust gets everywhere.

Yes it would be a good idea to remove e everything out the garage and afterwards you need to hover everything up again empty the hover contents into a few builders rubble sacks and clearly marked as hazardous.

Immediately after you need to take a nice long shower to try and wash any dust off you.

Can you see the effort your having to go to and the risk your going to take to try save yourself a tiny bit of money?....

I hope you reconsider and get a professional in tom otherwise I think you might just regret this later on in life just think I’d your life and everybody else really worth that little to you?

BT Roofing Services


Answered 19th Jun 2019

tomtom...its Asbestos, i would always suggest you bring in a registered asbestos remover. It is illegal for a skip company to take it away unless they are licensed.
You should NOT remove it yourself under any circumstances.
May not be what you want to hear but asbestosis is a killer.


Answered 19th Jun 2019

Hi tomtom

We always advise customers to get MG3 Environmental in to test and potentially remove any asbestos if we have any suspicions about any jobs we see. If you know you’ve got asbestos, the company that tested to tell you this, should be able to quote to remove it for you. Good luck


Answered 19th Jun 2019

We always advise any customers to have the asbestos tested first.

Chrysotile Asbestos Cement is None Licensed work (But) this does not allow any contractor to remove this unless he has all the appropriate asbestos training, asbestos medicals. face fit testing, company insurance to cover asbestos work and a environmental licence to carry the waste. (I Would always inspect these documents before employing a contractor a lot of so called asbestos removal companies on these sites use the environment licence as if this allows them to strip asbestos the environment licence only allows them to transport the waste)

If you have Amosite or Crocidolite then you would need a HSE Licensed Contractor. Good luck


Answered 22nd Jun 2019

Sounds like you have AIB panelling. You must use a HSE licensed company. Do NOT attempt yourself.


Answered 28th Jun 2019

Hi chysotile and crocidolite they are two tipe of very dangerous asbestos and you need a training person to remove them good luck


Answered 21st Apr 2020

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