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Can a combi boiler be fitted into a garage (gas and water supply on other side of the wall)? Or can it be fitted to a stud wall? Many thanks.

Thank you for all the answers. I have a follow on question, can it be fitted in an en-suite Bathroom that has a shower? Or is there a regulation against that?

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Yes the gas combi boiler can be fitted in a garage as long as all the pipes are suitable insulated. Also yes the boiler can go on a stud wall provide the wall is strong enough to take the weigh of the boiler


Answered 20th Jun 2019

Hi the boiler can be fitted to the both that you’ve suggested, but if your fitting it to a stud wall I’d suggest fitting some ply to the wall first and then some Ellis board (fire resistant) on to the ply to ensure a secure fixing the Ellis board is needed as most combies must be fitted to a fire resistant surface, hope this helps


Answered 20th Jun 2019

A combi boiler can be pretty much fitted where ever you want, as long as it meets the requirements in the manufacturer's instruction. So it needs to on an outside wall ideally to get the flue out safely, near a drain to dispose of condensation waste. There are over options if this isn't achievable but it ultimately is down to the gas registered business to advise where the best suitable location is. Hope that helps?


Answered 20th Jun 2019

Yes a combi can be fitted in a solid brick construction garage, but bear in mind that any susceptible frost damage pipework must be protected by well insulating it!


Answered 20th Jun 2019

Yes combi can fit in the garage as long as manufacturer instruction(mi) says


Answered 20th Jun 2019

No prom ken at all consideration to flue options and s drain for the condensate to run to would need to given


Answered 20th Jun 2019

The boiler cab be fitted in a garage as long as the regulations ref the flue cab be accommodated.

Stud walls are also ok as long as the weight of the boiler can be held and supported , special fixings can be purchased for stud wall fixing.





Answered 20th Jun 2019

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