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Copper leaf bath - how fragile?

Has anyone fitted a copper leaf top bath? Does it require extra care compared to standard acrylic baths? Is copper on top susceptible for dents or color changes over time? Thank you

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Yes they do eventually change colour ranging from dark brown red to green even. They are most certainly more prone to dents than an acrylic bath. But they do look lovely at first.


Answered 14th Jun 2019

While I agree with the answer already given, there are other options , heritage make a Cooper leaf affect double ended roll top which is fibre glass and a lot less maintenance, real copper also scratches very easy on a bath tub . Regards


Answered 16th Jun 2019

Copper baths are a great feature for a bathroom. They are easy to clean with mild cleaning products and a soft clothe. The bath will get small scratches and dents which you shouldn't try to remove as others will appear. You will have to learn to appreciate them as character of the bath its self.


Answered 22nd Jun 2019

Copper is a soft material and will establish its own patina over time as the oxidation occurs.
As with all metals it can be polished but will always be prone to scratches and dents.
Dents will be impossible to remove but will add to the character as I would imagine this sort of bath will be in a rustic style bathroom .


Answered 11th Jul 2019

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