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Non-standard door openings

I got four openings in our 1930 house. And Id like to have 2 bifold and 2 straight doors outfitted there.

Opening dimensions :

1960x760 Juju
1960x760 Ours

Ive selected these doors

Straight doors look like they would fit within 6mil a side trim allowance, but bi-fold are 50 mil taller and 30 mil wider. What would you recommend doing?
Cutting the doors beyond recommended trim? I dont think I can get dig out the 38 mil height from the top wall.

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First of all , I can sympathise with your frustrating dilemma , having seen the product that you wish to purchase and yet them not being able to fulfil their practicality as intended . Without actually physically looking at the job on site , may I suggest that the options we have available to us are these .
Firstly , it is strongly advisable by myself , that one should never go against the manufacturers instructions regarding treatments and alterations of their product , as this would render any potential return nul and void .
I could always alter the door casing to accommodate the new door(s) , this of course would add a certain considerable expense to the project but this expense should be balanced out by either having the doors reconstructed under workshop conditions or having a customised product similar to the ones you have chosen and manufactured to your requirements also under workshop conditions .
I do have the facility to make alterations on site and do so at regular intervals as part of my daily duties , but I also operate as a responsible and experienced joiner of almost forty years , to acknowledge the limitations of my environment and customer requirements when necessary . I do hope this has helped to inform you and as my old mentor as a young apprentice would often say to me , that as a carpenter and joiner and with a good understanding of wood(s) and our tools , that there is not anything we cannot overcome .
Kind regards . Tony kehoe .


Answered 4th Jul 2019

remove the required size from the bi fold door, if 50 mm is how much the the bi fold door is to tall for the opening - remove 35 mm top - 35 mm bottom, then add 10 mm solid oak lipping " edge" to the top and bottom,, (use good quality glue) - glued and also pinned. Also the sides being OVERALL 30 mm wider on bi fold doors, than your given opening size in the house,, remove 25 mm at each outer side - and again, add 10 mm solid oak lipping to both outer edges- thus giving you a reduction of 30 mm, with new solid " edge" on doors.. you may loose a slight proportional symmetry in the doors " stiles and rails" AlthoughI would say, not enough to make the doors look " chopped "


Answered 4th Jul 2019

i usually split the difference and cut from the top and the button for h.


Answered 14th Jun 2019

Purchase solid oak doors or replace the door frames or have doors manufactured to fit the openings.


Answered 15th Jun 2019

Take door back get your money back go to joinery workshop and get doors made to suit opening


Answered 17th Jun 2019

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