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Replacing cracked bathroom tile

I am trying to replace a broken bathroom tile myself and I have been reading up on the tools that I need. I went to Wickes the other day to buy everything but somehow forgot the grout rake. Do you think I could just use a big knife instead?

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First break the damaged tile into smaller pieces with a hammer and chisel and remove all fragments.
Usually most of the surrounding grout will come away with the tile.
A large knife would be unnecessary, difficult and dangerous to use on such a small job.
A small utility knife with a worn out blade is perfect to scrape the grout that is left behind, a new sharp blade, if you slip is dangerous.
When all is removed, wipe with a warm damp sponge and fix the new tile with the correct adhesive, leave to dry and grout.


Answered 12th Jun 2019

Yes I totally agree with Manor Walls and Floors, a large knife should not be used to much flexibility in it, I tend to use a quarter inch wood chisel for raking grout off,but 9 times out of ten cracked tiles on a wooden floor means they are loose anyway and the grout tends to come away with the tile,, hope this is of help to you..


Answered 14th Jun 2019

Cut the grout line first with nife or multitool. Use hammer and chisel. Remove all tile bits and existing grout if left. PRIME SURFACE BEFORE YOU PUT TILE ON. Wait to dry. Use proper adhesive(you use different adhesive for porcelain and different for ceramics). Grout after it's dry. Whipe it off. Polish the surface.


Answered 15th Jun 2019

Hello, using correct tools is the best way, use grout rake to remove grout around affected tile, this will stop tiles around from chipping should the grout be attached firmly, then using hammer hit centre of affected tile and remove pieces, use a sharp chisel to remove any remaining grout and remove old adhesive from the surface, so the new tile sits at same level as existing tiles once new adhesive is applied.


Answered 16th Jun 2019

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