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Fitting solid oak worktop

I have just bought 40mm thick solid oak worktops to fit around my 'U' shaped kitchen and I am confused about which is the best method of joining these together. Some people have told me that 45 degree joins in the corner look best because the grains of the wood can flow around however others (mainly being worktop supplier) tell me that 45 degree bends are not recommended due to the possibility of them splitting either whilst being cut or a few weeks later.
What is the best method of joining these worktops? and is it best to avoid 45 degree cuts?

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Thers no reason why you can't 45 them.but remember you going to loose 600mm of every cut.if there sq edged I just straight cut them using a router .which after sanding and oiling looks great.


Answered 28th Feb 2012

Hi, if you really want the 45 degree angled corner's have them, but make sure
to take extra care when joining, ie, biscuit joiner's, mitre mate, under support,
joining bar's, to be honest you should do the same for a straight join aswell, so
you choose, whichever you like. A good kitchen fitter would fit the top's for
you, the work top's alway's make the kitchen so do it right.
Kind regards


Answered 27th Feb 2012

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