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Can you render using cherry picker?

I needed some access to neighbouring land to start my extension. Prior to starting, i consulted the neighbour who originally was happy with the compensation paid for inconvenience, a legal document wad produced and signed. As we got to dpc level, they demanded more money, got aggresive, and long story short, we had to get off and build overhand. The whole house has been complete, but the gable wall facing neighbour is just breeze block and not rendered. They wont give access to render, i was wondering if a wall could be rendered using cherry picker from my driveway or will it not be even and smooth, or is it quicker to fit brick slips? Unfortunately we dont seem to have a boundary line, my gable wall is being used as the boundary line but i have been advised by surveyor previously that the boundary line is a foot away from my gable wall, i havent got into this dispute with neighbour yet.

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Sounds nightmare
It is possible,just to render and scratch it but you wouldn't be able to fine it down
Maybe you could render and put a rough cast finish over the top
Good luck


Answered 9th Jun 2019

I would say that if the documents were signed then finish the job. You do have written consent, and not verbal. Sounds like a nice Neighbour.Surprised that so close to boundary that you didn’t do face work or even concrete blocks


Answered 9th Jun 2019

This sounds a very unusual situation. Surely the neighbour wants the wall finished so it will look Aesthetically pleasing.
Firstly you mention the external wall to be rendered is breeze blocks. These will need to be covered in mesh before rendering or the render will crack.
Secondly if you can’t get a Scafold in which would be the 1st choice, if a cherry picker can reach the total area to be rendered, there’s no reason why you can’t use one. It won’t be as easy but still work.
I hope this helps


Answered 9th Jun 2019

I wouldn’t roughcast it as it is messy job and it would cause a bigger problem with your neighbour do what you can off a cherry picker put a bell cast up to split the area it may be easy to finish


Answered 17th Jun 2019

In theory it would be possible but dont expect a good finish. I would consider cladding. Why do you need to render? Does the appearance matter to anyone. Unrendered cavity wall should still keep moisture out. Also - worth checking but there may be issues with accessing the area above your neighbour's land even if you dont stand on it. If they want to create trouble then you need to be sure of your ground.


Answered 20th Jun 2019

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