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Boilers in the loft?

I have recently started renting a property where the boiler is fitted in the loft? Is it true that if there is loft boiler the loft needs to be floored have lighting and also access by ladder. I have none of this but i have a gas saftey certificate which passes this.

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You wouldn't have a certificate if it needed all that you say, I would'nt worry
about the boiler, your not allowed to touch it anyway, it's the landlord's fault
if he has to pay extra because of the access problem's each time the boilers goes wrong.
Kind regards


Answered 27th Feb 2012

fraid so mate.there should be crawl boards to and around the boiler,a source of light and the ladder needs to be solid,them are the rules set down.mind you landlords only want one thing dont they?tell you now i wouldent go up there as it is


Answered 2nd Mar 2012

Its fine to have boiler up there its out of the way but when it comes to fixing or servicing boiler the plummer will need some way of getting to boiler eg lay some boards down from loft door to boiler and most plummers have a ladder to hand so it does not seem a prob
Hope this helps


Answered 19th Apr 2012

Have a quite word with your landlord,,


Answered 23rd Apr 2012

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