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Maximum weight of light fitting

If hanging a light fitting on a lath and plaster ceiling under a flat roof (with no guarantee of finding a joist to screw into) what’s the heaviest weight of light fitting you would recommend to avoid any problems?

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The best option is to trying to find a joist to screw to, the light would depend on the fixings you are able to get. For me it would be not much more than your standard pendant light fitting with a shade. Thanks


Answered 7th Jun 2019

BS7671 wiring regulations state 5kg although a lath will give you a fixing for 6” pendant maybe I wouldn’t hang 5kg from it, so the best answer is to fix it get electrician to fix it to a joist 😜


Answered 8th Jun 2019

It depends on the laths as some are flimsy & split some are thicker than others really would need to look at the ceiling


Answered 7th Jun 2019

Hi there,
generally lathe is quite strong, I would think anything under 0.5Kg should be no problem. Ensure you screw into the center of the lathe using a screw size that will not split the lathe.

Good luck!


Answered 8th Jun 2019

I have seen some very heavy lights screwed to lathes but this often causes damage to the plaster, and I have seen some that looked to be close to falling and causing injury. One problem with lathes is that they are very thin and it can be difficult to get a good secure fixing, and I certainly would not recommend a woodscrew straight through the lathe. Spring toggles can help. I would say keep it light (pardon the pun) - pendants only.
In an ideal world we would find a joist to secure to or even install a noggin to get the the light in the right place, and this is mandatory for lights over 5kg.


Answered 11th Jun 2019

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