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How long from start to finish should it take a good building firm to complete a 5 x 3mtr extension to rear of property once planning permission has been sorted and what kind of payment plan does a good builder normally request?

Will the builder also be able to submit plans/drawings and organise planning permission, if so how will this work with the payment plan. Or will I need to get a separate architect in and submit for planning permission myself? Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Hi , generally builders dont do planning but will generally be in touch with an architect , planning usually takes up to 8 weeks drawings 2 weeks and build regs 2 weeks, so before you start building 12 weeks but prices can be sought after the drawings are passed . the project depends on the height and drainage normally shouldnt be over 10 weeks for a 1 storey usually about 8

We normally expect no payment up front but have stage payments after :- footings and drainage
up to roof level
roof on and windows guttering etc
Final payment on completion

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Answered 27th Feb 2012

Hi, couldn't have explained any better than the guy from murray building
services, thats how it works.
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Answered 27th Feb 2012


I also back up the above comments. Stick to those guidelines and you wont go far wrong!!



Answered 29th Feb 2012

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