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Replacing / repairing concrete skirting


I have concrete skirting boards which have cracked whilst levelling up a concrete floor. What's the best solution of getting them replaced or repaired.

Getting them replaced would mean that plaster which I've had skimmed to get damaged so ideal solution would be repairing them somehow.

Anyone had any experience with skirting board covers ?

Thanks !

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Hi, there are a few things you can do with cracked concrete skirting boards.
One option would be to fill the cracks with a concrete filler and then sand them to a smooth finish ready for painting.
Alternatively you could cover the concrete skirting with a PVC cover skirting, there are companies on the web that sell moulded cover skirting boards, you just need height and depth. These can be glued directly on to the concrete and you can even buy corners and ends to give a professional finish.


Answered 4th Jun 2019

Firstly as the skirtings are concrete you might find some carpenter's will ask ( what has concrete got to do with wood).
Personally I would suggest the damaged skirting be filled with a rich cement,sand & lime mix,large damaged areas should then be filled and built up allowing the area to be troweled back,smaller cracked areas will need a concrete slurry mix which will be much easier to apply.
I wouldn't try to fit any other materials on top of the concrete skirtings as this will be problematic as the skirtings will then sit to proud and will stop doors from closing as well as being very unsightly.


Answered 5th Jun 2019

Cement mixed with water makes grout!
We all know about grouting and the colour charts you can get!
Works like filler
Colour matching too!
Who knows with out pictures?
Is there any details or is it just flat?
Replacing would mean you buy a s lightly taller skirting board to cover up any minor damage on the top edge!
And again easy fill sorts any patches!
Good luck 😉 sounds a easy one..


Answered 22nd Jun 2019

There are lots of options you can do. If you like the look of what you have got the easiest answer ir to fill and sand the cracks then either paint, stain, or polish them. Alternatively you could cover them over with a boxing and then skirt it. As I say lots of options !.


Answered 29th Jun 2019

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