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Replacing skirting, door frames, cupboards

I know this may sound like a stupid question, but we are having the walls and ceilings in the dining room and living room skimmed and in some cases plastering needs to be done in some areas. Do we the skirting boards, door frames and cupboards removed and replaced before of after the skimming has been done?

So let me see if I have the order of things correct:

1 Remove the old skirting boards.
2 Remove the old electricity cupboard and gas cupboard
3 Remove the old door frames
4 Get new door frames fitted
5 Get the bits of plastering done that need doing
6 Get the walls and the ceilings skimmed
7 Get new skirting boards and cupboards fitted for the gas and electricity meters.

Have I got the order correct?

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I would reccomend you replace the door frames, but not architrave before you re plaster and replace the skirtings and architraves after, when you say cupboards, if you mean a built in cupboard with a regular timber door in place, then the same would apply, I would also hang the doors after the plastering is complete

Your order of works you have listed is correct.


Answered 9th Jun 2019

You could leave door linings in but they will need to have timber added to allow plaster skim to be flush. This would be way cheaper than removing linings.
However, if the linings are a bit 'tired' then definitely replace and skim walls after. All architrave and skirting will be fixed after plastering.
Get a carpenter to fix the new linings which may need to be milled to the correct size so that plaster does not overrun on to the linings


Answered 9th Jun 2019

Doors, door frames, architraves and skirting do not need to be removed prior to plastering. The plaster will only be 3mm thick max and all these items other than the door itself give the plasterer a solid edge to finish to. If you remove the architrave and skirting it is more than likely you will not be able to reinstate it as the dimensions will have changed so you will end up replacing it. Cupboards should be removed and you need to ensure the plasterer cleans down arcs, skirt and door immediately after completing plastering to avoid plaster splashes drying on painted surfaces.


Answered 9th Jun 2019

Leave the door frames unless you want new ? N architrave n skirting should be removed before plastering takes place.


Answered 16th Jun 2019

I recommend leaving the door frames in place unless you want to fit new doors and your frames are not level & square.

Regarding the skirting and architrave, remove it before plastering to allow the plasterer to get a nice finish down to the floor and up to the door frames. My advice would be to fit new skirting and architrave once plastered. You don't want to spend all that money plastering just to put old finishing material back on!


Answered 16th Jun 2019

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