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We have a missing handrail about 50cm gap between the handrail which holds upstairs landing and the wall, see photo in link below:

There used to be a built-in cupboard in its place that has been removed. I am now looking to extend the handrail/spindles to the wall, however, I am unsure what fixtures to use on the wall.

Could someone tell me what screws/bolts/fixtures to put on the wall?

Many thanks,

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you need to attach a half newel post to the wall before sailing the banister into this, you should rent the top section also.

if the wall is brick behind a brown wall plug with a screw 5mm head and at least two inch into wall after newel post.

if plasterboard I would recommend using a toggle bolt anything over a 6mm bolt.

either way use a grip adhesive behind the newel post.



Answered 31st May 2019

You could also use brolly screw fixings instead of toggle bolts in hollow wall. Again around 6mm would be advised.


Answered 13th Jun 2019

Afternoon I would take out the small section and replace a completely new section so it doesn't look like a patch also to fix the half Newell to the wall if it is brick drill and plug and make sure the screws are two times the thickness of the timber so you have a good fixing into the wall if it is plasterboard mark the Newell on the wall cut the plasterboard out inserted a piece of timber fix the plasterboard back in place fill if required then fix the Newell using toggles are not a good idea if someone falls against it it's possible it would give way plasterboard is only paper after all i hope this helps you good luck


Answered 25th Jun 2019

I agree with the above but would use concrete screws also for safety reasons if it’s stud and the fixings are missing the timber I’d cut the plasterboard out and put something in to fix the half newel to


Answered 29th Jun 2019

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