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Fake grass on concrete

I'm planning to re-do parts of driveway and front garden into a patio/playground for kids. Was looking to possibly to use fake grass - from the initial instruction and research it looks rather straightforward to install.
As there any DIY "icebergs" I should be aware when putting a fake grass?

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Like almost every job, most of the work is in the prep. The actual laying of artificial turf is straightforward. However, you need to get a decent, compacted base which will either drain well or create the right slope/fall to carry rainwater away. After digging out and laying a membrane you should then look to install a decent crushed 'type 1' hardcore base (80-120mm) with 20-30mm of sharp sand on top (compacted also) will give you a sturdy yet pleasant to walk on base to the turf and will also drain well. When fixing the turf down we tend to use a suitable timber as a frame around the outside to then pin/nail/staple the turf to.
If you need to do any joins it's worth checking with the manufacturer on their suggested method. Hope this helps.


Answered 30th May 2019

Pretty much the same but would include wood running through the frame and you do not need 30mm of sand 10 to 20 gives a better finish also you can use a concrete edge and manufacture supplied glue


Answered 5th Jun 2019

If you are laying straight on top of concrete I would use a foam followed by Geotextile type membrane for a lil bit of bounce for the kids and use nothing less than a 40 mm in pile height with a heavy density type of artificial grass. —

Food for thought. For jointing you can purchase 360 3D grass which can be cut and laid in any way re : usually you have to run the pile the same way which leaves a lot of waste.


Answered 22nd Jun 2019

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