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Material supply for bespoke wardrobes

My mother in law needs 2 bespoke wardrobes built and fitted into both corners of her bedroom. Do we need to supply the carpenter with the materials?
If so, where should we buy them?
Thank you

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As a tradesman I would give you the option, but personally I like to supply most of my materials which is normally more convenient for the customers themselves


Answered 30th May 2019

Hi there,

It depends on a type of materials a customer would like to use. Any gloss panels, for instance require special factory equipment to cut hinges and etc, normal power tools can cause damage/ cracks in this type of panels. MDF/ plasterboard wardrobes can be done using power tools only; so for this type of wardrobes materials can be supplied by a carpenter.


Answered 11th Jun 2019

As a trade man I always give the option but I give client my discount if they want to buy them


Answered 9th Jun 2019

When building bespoke fitted wardrobes l always take the responsibility of supplying all the materials myself this ensures all measurments are correct resulting in a high standard of fitting with top quality materials


Answered 25th Jun 2019

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