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Is kärcher a good brand for a power washer?

I am in the market for a new power washer for my back garden patio is Kärcher the way to go? or is there a better brand

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Yes, a very good domestic brand jetwash (power washer)


Answered 31st May 2019

Hi I would recommend karcher it is one of the best pressure washers for around the home I would go with a karcher k4 with 140psi pressure
Hope this helps Adam


Answered 7th Jun 2019

karcher may not be the cheapest but they last longer than the other brands but for light use a cheaper brand would do the same job but I would get a karcher.


Answered 7th Jun 2019

I recommend Karcher K7 it has a 2800w powerful motor, and It has a water inlet filter to prevent dirt particles from damaging the pump. Great machine for patios and other jobs.


Answered 7th Jun 2019

i use a karcher power wash for cleaning customers driveways quite often,i have had other brands in the past but i find karcher is the best providing you get one with 2800w or higher.


Answered 7th Jun 2019

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