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Is it possible to join 2 rsjs ?

Hi, we have a lean to extension with 2 knock throughs with 2.5m beams holding up the original rear house wall. The gap between them is 2.5m , currently a brick pier.
Is it possible to join them and get rid of the brick pier? thanks.

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Yes it is but you need to contact structural engineer for drawing as this is structural thing which needs professional designing


Answered 28th May 2019

Joining steel beams together is usually done by bolting or welding. Determine whether or not the steel beams you are using need to be welded or bolted. ... Fabricate a splice plate that allows the two steel beams to be joined together. The splice plate is usually a steel plate of a given uniform thickness. This will have to be approved by a structural engineer and additional calculations may be necessary. Steve .


Answered 5th Jun 2019

You definitely need to get structural calculations done before you proceed to see if the steels are up to the job


Answered 5th Jun 2019

Yes great answer your first protocol is to contact a structural engineer to determine the calculations you require.


Answered 5th Jun 2019

The answer isn’t incorrect but existing beams to new beams would need to be overlapped by probably around a metre and would have to be double bolted through


Answered 5th Jun 2019

No not advisable, the beams have probably been sized ( by calculations) to suit the span of the opening and carry the load above, a wider opening crates a bigger load so therefore needs a larger beam. structural engineer required to do calculations.


Answered 5th Jun 2019

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