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What material should i use to cover small dome roof, currently has very aged felt.

Hello. I have a small roof in the shape of a quarter dome over a small consevatory which needs recovered. The roof is very visable so needs to have as smooth and consistent a finish as possible. Originally I wanted to cover the roof in lead but the deck is concrete (honest) which makes that impossible. If possible i would also like to add decorative upstand seams to simulate a lead roof. Unfortunately I cant add a photo which would reaply help. The roof will have lead flashing where it meets the house. Any suggestions on what would be most suitable/attractive. It is a Victorian sandstone house. Roof would have originally been polished concrete. Thanks

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You have no picture i am hoping this helps.
You require to cover a concrete roof without destroying the character of the building.
i would suggest a product called RESITRIX rubber comes in black and grey this can be applied to the concrete without the need for boarding
RESITRIX also has a life span of at least 50 years

There is liquid products you could use but after time these break up
and tend to break up after 5 years
For decorative seams with up stands you are best looking at zinc sheeting with folded seams .


Answered 28th May 2019

Lead sheet will cover any surface with a membrane between concrete and lead without a photo cannot be sure of weather proofing abutments ect look at conservatory roofs in the cotswolds ie sandstone


Answered 7th Jun 2019

We would normally be more than happy to install lead to a concrete surface using lead clips, screws and single lock welt’s


Answered 9th Jun 2019


It's fine to lay lead on concrete with a membrain and matting under neath between the both

Brad young's


Answered 9th Jun 2019

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