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Can i use concrete spurs as support posts for decking subframe

Hi, I want to build a 4 mtr x 4 Mtr floating deck. Can I use concrete Spurs for all of the support posts, then fixing 4” x 4” wooden posts to the section above ground level to support the sub frame (using 6 x 2 timber)? The theory being that it should reduce rotting and making any future replacements easier?

Thank you for all answers; just want to check my understanding, if I only use the concrete godfathers for base supports, I presume that I will have to drill & bolt the frame to the godfathers? I have an SDS drill, should that be easy enough to drill through 4" reinforced posts?

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yes of course. why use 6x2 timber ? 4x2 at 400 centers is well enough and lighter . support every 1200/1500mm . comercial decks may need larger timber frames but your not goind to have a load of weight on a 16m2 deck money saved on 6x2 use on support.
best regards mick.


Answered 2nd Jun 2019

Doing a good job


Answered 16th Jun 2019

yes but as you stated 6x2 is better you will get too much bounce in 4x2 if you can get long enough spurs there will be no need for the 4x4 posts providing you get the tops all level.


Answered 16th Jun 2019

Spot on above


Answered 19th Jun 2019

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