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Small 3 doorway hall - making good half removed doorframes

Not really sure if this is a carpentry question or general building at this point.. Apologies if it's in the wrong section.

Kitchen was re-plastered last year but I don't how to fix the resulting state of the door frame kitchen side before I continue with the adjoining small hallway and bathroom

Pictures at can show better than I can explain.

Should I be knocking off the plaster and taking it back a bit, then do something?

Do I just try and remove the stops to make it into a flat surface? If so what do I do about the metal edging? I was trying to avoid making the doorway smaller, and I'm reluctant to add additional lining to try and hide it.

I'm trying to avoid removing the existing door frame / lining as seems to be oversized and at least partially structurally connected to the stair case that runs above?

Or am I over my head here? :)

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On the side of the opening which faces the kitchen, the steps and recess can be packed out where necessary with timber, and then tacked with plasterboard into the door frame. Doing this will give a complete surface into the door frame, and will not reduce opening size.

On the other side of the opening where the frame meets the existing door set, I feel the most efficient solution to giving a complete finish, would be to fix one continuous length of timber, from ground to ceiling, connecting both frames.

For the final side of the opening, you would simply need to bring the old frame out just enough to give an edge that can be plastered up too.


Answered 25th May 2019

This door lining should have been replaced before plastering but can still be replaced now.
The architraves will cover any damage caused.
Alternative is to reline the frame with a thin material and trim the door.
Hope this helps


Answered 21st Aug 2019

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