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Internal door size

my current door is 29 inch which needs replacing
the door i would like to buy is 30 inch can it be trimmed 1 inch

kind regards

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if it is a solid door with reasonably wide styles,you would be able to trim equal amounts off each side,if its a hollow door(egg box )you may be able to get away with it,but it reduces the amount of internal timber for the hinges to get a decent fix,


Answered 23rd May 2019

It all depends on which new door you have, most will have a guide as to how much can be removed whilst still maintaining its integrity


Answered 24th May 2019

The other answer is part correct,the answer to the solid door is correct,commonly door stiles ar ex 4" material so you could take some off both sides,ensuring the lock to be fitted is not to long. Many hollow door only allow for 10mm trimming either side so you wouldn't get away with trimming. It is possible to cut these doors down and insert a new piece of timber but given the labour invloved it would be expensive and therefore not viable


Answered 6th Jun 2019

I agree to a certain point but in a hollow door it is possible in some cases too remove the side timber by cutting away the glue from the facia ,cut the door and reinsert the timbers re gluing and clamping,have had to do this on several occasions


Answered 10th Jun 2019

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