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How much decorative stone will i need?

If I buy the 790kg bulk bags of decorative stone from Homebase, how many bags will I need to cover an area of approx 3m x2m?
How deep should the layer of stones be? Do i need to put anything on top of the soil first?

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The weight would suggest maybe 0.5 to 0.6 cubic meters of stone, so one bag should cover 6 square meters with a depth of 80-100mm, so more than enough. The stones will do a lot of work towards preventing weeds, but I'd put a weed membrane down before hand just to be sure.


Answered 28th May 2019

It would depend on what the area was being used for .If the was to be any foot traffic the area would need to be excavated down a further 50 mm and back filled with hardcore compacted down on top of a suitable weed membrane ,and then disperse the coloured gravel.


Answered 11th Jun 2019

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