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Ikea floating shelves question

Are IKEA floating shelves easy to put up by myself or do you need 2 people?

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You will only need yourself and a level. Don't try this without a level - things roll off:)

Make sure that you fix the metal back plate to something solid - not just plasterboard. Fix the mounting screws either into the wooden studs behind the plasterboard, or if there are no wooden studs - make sure you drill and plug the wall for the mounting screws.

Floating shelves look great, but if you do not anchor them firmly they will sink:)

Hope that helps (Did I say use a level?)


Answered 23rd May 2019

Just remember when fitting floating shelves that they have a designed weight load, there are loads of new plasterboard anchor fixings on the market so don't worry about finding a stud as they are usually not in the place you will be putting the shelves. Level line and mark before drilling any holes, remember to measure twice to make sure.


Answered 10th Jun 2019

Most of the answer is correct, although it will depend on how big the shelves are, what you are going to put on them, and what the make up of the wall is.


Answered 15th Jun 2019

When fitting floating shelves always make sure the metal plate is level before fixing to the wall, raw plugs and screws to be used into brick or block walls, if the wall is plasterboard pencil mark the edges of the metal bracket on the wall we’re you want the shelve to be fitted you can then find we’re the upright studs are for fixing the bracket by making small drill holes within the pencil marks normally upright studs are set out at 400mm centres (timber) 500mm centres ( metal studs) if you can only allocate one stud to fix into then use steel self drilling metal plugs at all fixing points this will secure the back plate to the plasterboard wall.
This can be achieved by one person with all the right tools and fixings


Answered 19th Jun 2019

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