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Where to buy best artificial grass?

There are so many companies online selling artifical grass and they all seem similar (grass direct, grasswarehouse, artificial grass direct, grass 247, bargain grass) and I have no idea where to start - any recommendations?

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There are many suppliers of artificial turf and there are different qualities.
Be cautious of cheap artificial turf check quality and strength of the product. A quality supplier will offer a 10 year guaranty. This is usually a well tested product.
Artificial turf is being imported from all over the world some is made from recycled plastic and some virgin plastic product. They will all contain trace elements some are harmful so ask questions from your proposed suppliers.


Answered 3rd Jun 2019

I get my artificial grass from the artificial grass company here in Ireland, the quality of the grass is exceptional it is UV resistant and has a C grade curve in the woven material of the grass, which means the quality of the grass is a natural look and the pile will not be squashed down by walking on the grass.
Always make sure you get sample of the grass before purchasing from a company you don't know, also make sure they give a good gaurentee on the product. Always make sure that you lay Tram underlay weedgaurd protection before laying the grass, then always use kiln sand on the grass for heat resistance purposes. My professional opinion would be too go for a C grade grass with approx 28mm to 30mm pile .


Answered 16th Jun 2019

I would also ask them to send samples of grass grades most usually send a 6/9inch square that you can then test out buy walking on etc also pile height, colour and if not willing to send a sample then don't purchase


Answered 7th Jun 2019

Most suppliers will offer a sample in my Opinion a cheap option is not the way as per norm more expensive the better also the standard of installation. Of a high standard helps the product


Answered 11th Jun 2019

We have looked at various suppliers including online companies, Homebase, B and Q. We then came across a local company in Timperley Cheshire called Lawn Perfection who were very good from start to finish. They showed us lots of samples explained all the various properties of their artificial grass including the quality frost proof nature of products they had. They had plenty of variations and their prices were very competitive too. Hope that helps. Thanks, Tom Titan Landscaping


Answered 26th Mar 2020

We tend to use a trade supplier for our projects however like most have said there are numerous companies available doing a wide range of products so I can completely understand how overwhelming it can get! Best advice is find a couple of places you are comfortable with and have a good scroll through their samples and with artificial grass I think you get what you pay for in terms of quality. Good luck! Kyle @ Birchlea


Answered 27th Mar 2023

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