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Cost of a structural engineer

any one know how much it would cost to get a structural engineer to check my cottage before I start to do restoration work on it, the cottage was build 1900 thanks

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If the engineer is just doing a check then it can vary across the country, but i would say £200 -£500.
If you are having major work like an extension then they can charge around 5-10% of the build.
I would advise on trying to get a one man band engineer instead of a company if you want to save money, because when a did a house in Huddersfield the owners did eventually find one and they saved £200.
Jamie Anderton


Answered 29th Mar 2011

The cost can vary alot depending on who you use.In my experience clients have paid from £120-£600.My around.


Answered 29th Mar 2011

We know that costs can vary greatly but as builders have found that by targeting the relevant structural areas of the works the professional surveyors time and costs can be kept to a free advice at the planning and quotation stage can reduce the more expensive engineers time on site.Also liason between the contractor and engineer before commencement can eliminate potential misunderstandings leading to unneccessary extra costs.Typically costs could be around £500."Targeted" or easily double this on a"broad-sweep" basis.


Answered 29th Mar 2011

285 to 350 for my engineer he does all by email with me i just send him plans or he will do site visit


Answered 2nd Apr 2011

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