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How can i close this gap?

So we had new door casings fitted last year and we have always had gaps between the casing and the floor on both sides of the door. I hate them. What can I do to close the gaps? I was just going to use beading to match the laminate flooring but I want a more permanent solution. Would caulk work?


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put a draft brush along the bottom


Answered 27th May 2019

Fit a threshold bar matching the laminate


Answered 2nd Jun 2019

If you hate the gap so much I would fill the gap to the floor with timber to match up to the door casing. Any joint can filled in with wood filler.


Answered 3rd Jun 2019

I would relip the bottom of the door to close gap using the same Timber as the door


Answered 4th Jun 2019

Yes decorators caulk would work, then paint it or it can crack.


Answered 4th Jun 2019

There is two was of doing it if its a painted door you can plant timber on bottom of door, if a hardwood door you could have the doors lowered on the frames and build the head of the frame down, hard to say for the best without seeing the job, regards karl


Answered 4th Jun 2019

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