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Crumbling plaster - builder or plasterer?

I am concerned about a bedroom wall which upon inspection of the wallpaper, appears to have a lot of crumbling plaster behind it. It is an old back to back terraced property and it is the inside of an exterior wall. My question is whether this should be inspected by a plasterer or a builder and also if this is common in older properties/ suggestive of a larger and potentially more expensive problem (there do not appear to be any obvious signs of damp, mould etc). Many thanks!

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yes it is a common problem in older properties ,it is the old lime plaster reached the end of its days ,so yes there will probably be more ,do 1 room at a time,strip back to brickwork,sand and cement render with waterproof additives on outer walls ,skim to a smooth finish ,setting angle beads where required of course,


Answered 23rd Feb 2012

Done one like this last week. The client got me round for a quote, crumbling in one corner of the wall, also ceiling was dropping. On making a bit of mess I had to investigate and pull some of the ceiling down with this I found a rotten joist where the person before fixed a piece of tounge & groove so they could get a fixing for the plaster board so bodged. So advised a roofer and carpenter. Told him to remove render so he did, sent me a photo of a crack going through the wall, more hidden tresures. He emailed me a few days later a few of his tiles where spilt needed repacing, god knows how long this has been like this, but should have been solved the first time round. Getting a good plasterer isn't easy in my opion I ve work with a few in the 20 years of trading as one I can only think of a handful including my self. Get a builder to have a look let him give you a quote then get different quotes of the needed trades. I ll put money on it the trades will be cheaper than the builders quote. Hope this has helped.


Answered 10th Jun 2014

Agree with substructure,

once youve stripped all the wallpaper off you will get a better idea of the problem. If you get a good plasterer round to view it, he should be able to advise you if there is anything more serious going on.


Answered 23rd Feb 2012

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