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Fitting a megaflow

What flow rate do I require for a Megaflow from the mains.

What size of pipe does it require.

Is a megaflow better in the loft or elsewhere in a semi detached Bungalow


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25mm incoming main,at 1.5 bar with a flow rate of 20 ltrs/minute,pipe work should be 22mm after main,it can go anywhere but in loft will save you ground floor space,you will have to build a base in loft that can take the weight.


Answered 18th May 2019

20 litres per minute from 25mm incoming mains pipe at 1.5 bar is recommended.However the local water pressure is set by the water undertaker and is only legally required to be set at 1bar,you can test your pressure by connecting a pressure gauge to a tap.The megaflow can be sited anywhere in your property but take into account a discharge pipe will need to run from cylinder to either outside or into soil stack..MUST be installed by approved installer.


Answered 4th Jun 2019

it could be, it also could be 1.5 bar @ 50l per minute👍

Of course if you state important information like if it’s direct or indirect and which model of megaflow that does help 😂

What you have done above is like asking what output a Ford Focus engine will have. Is it petrol or diesel? Which model, which size? Lol. Specifics matter.

Best advice get a qualified plumber take a look to advise.


Answered 2nd Jun 2019

You will need a 25 mm incoming mainly ideally and a minimum of 1.5 bar pressure , but if your struggling for this
A collector can be used , this may come in handy in situations were an existing property only has a 20mm incoming or 15 mm the collector acts as a. Primary tank for the unvented hot water cylinder
Also using the correct plastic the pressure relief pipe can go to drain via a tundish to eliminate the need for a long discharge run if for instance in loft space also make sure your installer is registered to fit the cylinder we all carry cards with relevant dates


Answered 5th Jun 2019

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