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Only down stairs lights wont come on , 6amp fuse switch wont stay up even when main switch turned off on rcd

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100% short circuit fault, probably caused by using a too high a wattage bulb in one of the light fittings somewhere? resulting in the wiring being melted togetehr.

Answered 23rd Feb 2012

Electrical Safety Services

Member since 17 Oct 2011

6Amp MCB not staying up even with power off?
Have a qualified/registered electrician :-) replace the MCB firstly, if its not staying up with power off its more likely to be mechanical failure of the device itself. Sometimes a tap to the body of the MCB with handle of screwdriver resolves it, but I didn't tell you that.
However be prepared for a possible further fault on the circuit in question that may/may not be the source of the problem.

Answered 4th Mar 2012

EPC Electrical and Building Services

Member since 4 Mar 2009

You have a short circuit somewhere.call an electrician

Answered 23rd Feb 2012

Elman Ltd

Member since 6 Nov 2010

In one of your downstairs electrics there is a short circuit, i.e. e.g there is a neutral wire touching an earth wire

You need an electrician to trouble shoot and fault fix

Answered 25th Feb 2012

365 Electrical Solutions

Member since 20 Feb 2012

The obvious first thought here is that there is a short on the lighting circuit. The lighting circuit is probably not on the RCD protected side of the consumer unit which is probably why switching off the RCD makes no difference.

Either way, you probably need to call an electrician (one that can accurately diagnose electrical faults)

Answered 11th Aug 2012

Automation Electric

Member since 25 Nov 2009

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