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Long brick wall - required size for foundation

Anonymous user 15 May 2019 - 4.11 PM

Hi. I need some experts advise on required footing for a brick wall. The sizes i have are: 35.5m in length, double skinned with posts every 2m. Wall height at 2.44m and posts at 3.05m. Used at the back of a parking lot. If i can get a better idea on best footing required for such a big wall would be much appreciated. thank you in advance

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LMN Brickwork
Rating: 5 out of 5551 review

Hello, With brickwork of this height and length it is supposed to be structurally designed I'm sure you’re aware. Concrete should be a minimum of 450x450 but it can vary greatly depending on the grounds you’re building on. Your wall will require piers at each end and every 4-6m intervals on the wall. Don’t forget Expansion joints are required every 10m in Brickwork. All the best!


15 May 2019


A McPherson building contractor
Rating: 5 out of 55519 reviews

Foundation type concrete 150mm scarcement minimum each side of the wall and pillars . 200mm deep, reinforced steel and 450mm frost cover. (From the underside of concrete to ground level minimum) Could be a good idea to put bricktor through the beds. All these depend on building regulations, planing and structural engineering drawings. Always check with your local planing department it cost nothing and can save you time and money.


31 May 2019


APM Brickwork
Rating: 4.9 out of 54.9526 reviews

Ideally the concrete needs to be 600mm wide and 450mm deep as the piers will be 450mm wide so being sat on edge of concrete . Piers ideally 4 m apart and expansion joints every 3 piers so 12 m at max


5 June 2019


MV Build It
Rating: 5 out of 55512 reviews

In my opinion 200mm is sufficient for a foundation at that height and I don't have a problem putting expansion joints in but it's not a building and the pillars should be enough to strengthen the wall but that's my humble opinion


10 June 2019