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Planning permission for fence?

Hi all,
I am planning to get a higher fence (about 140cm) and driveway gate to keep my dog from escaping. All of my garden faces the road without a pavement inbetween. Apparently I will need to submit drawings to scale for this purpose, of where exactly the fence and gate will go.

Who would I need to contact for this task?


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Most councills vary in what they require regards fencing, the planning may be required for the drive way as when the floods of recent years the council have got tight in what they demand, which may include drainage and a run off for water, however if yoiu are asking solely for the fence, the permitted hieght is 6ft or 2m down the side of the garden and back, however across the front it is strictly 1m from ground to top of fence, as I mentioned earlier it all depends on who your council is, your best choice is to ring your local council and speak to planning, hope this helps


Answered 15th May 2019

Planning permission is not required generally for fencing up to 1m high where next to a highway. 2m fencing elsewhere.
Take a look at the following link for further guidance:


Answered 31st May 2019

1m high where next to a highway. 2m fencing elsewhere
Anything else you need planning permission


Answered 4th Jun 2019

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