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Window lintel strength

I would like to remove a window and the block work below to make an opening into my extension. Will I have to change the lintel above the window?

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No, aslong as you dont take any of the blocks out that are supporting the lintel it should be fine.


Answered 14th May 2019

First and foremost you should check if there is a lintel.

As removing the window may cause the top to drop.

If there is a lintel , check if it is timber or not.

If it is timber then you should remove as timber lintels twist over time and cause cracking in plaster on the internal skin.

You should place a catnic lintel in to carry bothe courses external and internal.

Make sure to have a building notice while carrying out this kind of work.


Answered 6th Jun 2019

If the existing opening stays the same then you can take out blockwork below the window to create thro excess without changing the lintol


Answered 31st May 2019

some windows do not have supporting lintels so a potential exists for collapse once the window is removed


Answered 2nd Jun 2019

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