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Rennovation - fix frames and strip paint

A few questions. I'm rennovating a victorian terrace in london.

I'm taking back at lot of the blow plaster.

1. Architraves - the door drames are wobkey from historic movement. If they are split or damged in places and need taking off can they be fixed or better to replace them, even if means putting new ones at a wonky frame.

2. Paint-there is so much of it, badly done on the frames and windows. I've got a whole house to strip. Peelaway would cost me thousands. I've experimented with caustic soda. Is there a know easy way to strip layers of old paint that won't cost the earth?

3. What's the best way to rehanding new doors. They won't fit the existing frames as they are not square. The old doors are very thing and the wooden panels haves cracked so best to replace doors.

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1. best to get a joiners workshop to match and remake some for a neater finish

2. burn off the paint this is a fast and costs effective solution

3. get an experienced chippy to do them and patch repair with new timber whrer the gaps are neatly


Answered 14th May 2019

I agree with Martindale Windows but also be aware of the effects of applying inappropriate (gypsum) plasters over ground floor rooms that may be subject to dampness as that is probably what you are hacking off at the moment. Any trace of moisture, lime plaster needs to be used. Don't try to seal it or you will CREATE dampness. Lots of information out there if you delve a bit deeper - avoid damp proofing companies at all costs.


Answered 15th May 2019

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