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Pack flooring or sister joists?

I've got a unlevel floor across downstairs from historic settlement. It's two rooms and a hallway. I've had mixed advice. The highest point is in the corner of the living room. Do I lift all boards and sister joist, have a step in living room or raise the whole lower floor. Or possibly leave the Floorboards and pack on top before laying engineered wood?

There is around a 4-5cm drop in places. Both fire place hearths remain and seem to be the highest points. Any thoughts welcome

Quotes have varied from 3-7k?!

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A good ,experienced tradesman will always recommend doing a thorough job ,and we are not in the business of making any room smaller than it was originally made.Or making alterations that look odd to potential surveyors at a later date.So the full solution is to replace or sister the joists.Id need 6 days to take everything out ,scrap it and do it all new,perfectly solid level floor throughout,perfect joists tied in as they should be.


Answered 17th May 2019

I would possibly look at taking up the floor boards and replacing them with OSB, then using a latex compound to level the floor off throughout


Answered 14th May 2019

Depending on the age of the property as you mention "historic settlement", I would recommend trying to lift and wedge the low joists. However, if these run underneath internal walls, a structural survey should be completed to assess how this should be done.
At worse, the sub-structure may need to be replaced with concrete.
A full assessment of the sub- floor is needed as drops of 5mm are substantial. At best, there may just be some wood rot causing the drop and the joist repaired or replaced.
Hope this helps.


Answered 31st May 2019

Did a job in 2003 , the house dropped 6”
From front to back lifted floor boards,
Used a site level to find hi point,up stairs
And down stairs.

Told the customer it would take
8 weeks to fix the hole house , pouting
Level line on walls this would tell me the
Highse and lows at either end of joists,
To cut paker timber to leval off joists.


Answered 31st May 2019

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