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Hi please help,i moved into a new house 8 weeks ago and i think its sinking at the gable end. some floors are slopeing and downstairs floors have bumps rising up.

cracks are appearing in ceilings and walls overnight and as of 2 days ago the bedroom ceiling is belly shaped,i have skirting boards splitting in half and skirting boards and door frames being prized apart.the most worrying though is the ticking noices and the odd thump(like a bick being thrown against the wall) are happening more often.please help am i subsiding

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get out quick , like when you read this !

( i think your having a laugh ) I Hope


Answered 22nd Feb 2012

Did you have a full structural survey carried out?


Answered 22nd Feb 2012

somethings happening ,contact the developer ,if its new build it is covered


Answered 22nd Feb 2012

If this isnt a wind up and you think you may be subsiding, then get a structural engineer in.

If the previous owner, solicitor, surveyor, developer or estate agent knew the house was subsiding and didnt tell you then you could have grounds for legal action,


Answered 23rd Feb 2012

its the developers problem, but they can only help if you contact them


Answered 22nd Feb 2012

As above.You have major problems that no-one on here can solve.Get the developer or if its not an actual NEW home,someone from your insurance company asap.


Answered 22nd Feb 2012

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