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Joists in party wall


I have a problem with joists into the party wall under our bath. Having lived in the property for 23 years without any problem, our neighbours house was sold, renovated, rented out... We now have smells coming into our house via the bathroom. Cooking smells (kitchen is on the other side of their house with no extractor fan) and also toilet (cleaner?) smells.

Originally before renovation there was not a loo in their bathroom, it was a separate room as in our house. Now there is a loo next to the party wall.

How on earth can I get to the joists and seal up any gaps as our bath runs along that party wall?

Ripping out the bath or going via the living room ceiling?


Addendum, I cannot find a means to "reply". The party wall goes up to the rafters. Scented candle Smells were also entering our loft via their bathroom until I used expanding foam to fill numerous mortar gaps and between rafter and brick work.
The smells have increased recently, roll ups... Which may contain something not legit. Our bathroom stinks.
Should a builder or plumber investigate the problem?
I also have smells coming into our under stairs presumably from more old brickwork and joists. Been here 20+ years and the previous elderly owner smoked a pipe and cooked fish... We never smelled a thing then

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wouldn't go through your ceiling,especially if its an older property with plaster lath,could cause bigger problems,it sounds like you will have to remove bath and floorboards to gain access to that side of the wall.if your bath is tiled in and sealed be carefull removing,this is a last resort I think if your sure the smells are not coming from anywhere else ie window,bad plumbing etc. blast some expanding foam in the gaps of joists/pipe work,make sure there are no gaps between floor and skirtings etc


Answered 14th May 2019

To me the best idea will be going through the ceiling you will have to board and skim the ceiling again but it will be far cheaper than taking a couple row of tiles take the bath out and break into the floorboards


Answered 14th May 2019

The suggestions so far don’t identify exactly where the smells are coming from and as the smells are coming from what appears to be new plumbing next door I would want to see how the WC next door is installed. My thinking is that if all new plumbing and extraction of any smells have been installed properly then there should be no smells. Isolating the cause is key and then it can be decided if removing a section of the ceiling (the least expensive route) or removing the bath and tiles is the best option to reach and fix the problem.


Answered 31st May 2019

Have you looked in your loft to see if your party wall goes straight up to the ridge.
This is sometimes a problem we’re party walls only went up high enough to support the purlins.
If this is the case and there is no extraction in next doors bathroom this could be the problem. You could ask the owner of the rented property to undergo an air test this would let you know if the smell was leaking into other areas.


Answered 2nd Jun 2019

Andtrigg answer is the only solution as you are guessing as to the extent of leaking odours',
you might pull down the ceiling only to find the bath needs to Also come out


Answered 2nd Jun 2019

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