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Door size 73.6cm . . . . . . . .

Dear sir/Madam
The door I need to replace is a internal hallway door the width of the current door is..... 73.6cm
the door ive seen online and want to buy is 76.2cm Can be trimmed up to 5mm each side can this door be cut to 73.6cm if not why not also what are my options

Kind Regards

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Normally the internal doors can be adjusted as the gaps arent always perfect, best to see on the doors specs at the store, but most of them can be trimmed 5mm. If you trim too much you could weaken the frame and the weight of the door card would pull it out if it.s hinges


Answered 10th May 2019

That's nearly a couple of cm , 20mm. I would trim the door to the right size and re- lip the leading edge with hardwood.


Answered 24th Mar 2021

Only If the internal door is of a good quality, then I would say it was possible to trim to this size. The hinges also play a role in strength, so good quality hinges will help.


Answered 2nd Jun 2019

It is not a good answer, sounds like he isn't a tradesman.
But if you want my professional opinion as to the correct answer could you please tell me who is paying my bi for professional advice.
You charge me for contact details, which is information.
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I think give and take is required.
And at the moment you are doing all the taking.


Answered 4th Jun 2019

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