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Skirting over skirting or skirting cover?


I want to have the laminate flooring in my living room replaced and need some advise with regard to the skirting board. I currently have a relatively tall and thin skirting board (approx 18cm wide and 1.2cm thick) and would ideally like to leave it in place to avoid wall damage etc. What is the best and cheapest way to go about getting a new skirting board - i.e. shall I put another skirting on top of the existing one or shall I buy a skirting cover which obviously covers the existing skirting? If a skirting cover is better can you please suggest a place where I could purchase it from?

Many thanks

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The answers you have received are soooo DIY......IF A JOB IS WORTH DOING DONT BODGE.....Im sorry but if you are spending well earned money on new flooring WHY spoil the look by bodging with cheap ply wood ....i despair i really do COWBOY ALERT...... 😂😂😂😂😂


Answered 10th May 2019

Amazon, eBay sell skirting covers. But I had mine replaced recently (similar dimensions) and there was really any damage to the wall.


Answered 9th May 2019

if it is old victorian skirting the cheapest way to replace it is a 15mm ply with a dado rail on top


Answered 9th May 2019

Six mm ply ripped to height of existing skirting board. Then fixed with PVA glue and veneer pins. Then put a moulding on top to give appearance of moulded skirting. This should finish approx twenty one mm thick. Only problem is how that will finish at door ways. If you have existing base blocks, then no problem. If existing facings go all the way down to floor you may have a problem. Good luck Hugh


Answered 9th May 2019

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