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Load explosive bang in loft

I heard a loud explosive bang in my loft, it sounded like the kettle or something had exploded on going to investigate I noticed it had cracked my ceiling. This same thing happened two years ago again cracking the ceiling, I had a new one put up under the old ceiling, so this time it had gone through two ceilings. British gas came down as I thought it might be central heating pipes. He could find nothing wrong as all the pipework was round the edge of the roofspace. The only pipe that run anywhere near the sound of the bang was the main gas pipe. This was checked out and was found to be fine. I am at a lost to what this is, and am very worried it could happen again. The first time it happened and second were both in February first thing in the morning just as the heating came on.It did not happen last year with the cold spell we had. I have a RCD electric box that did not trip so cannot think it was electrical. Please can someone shed light on this. Thank you

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Could there be a build up of gas? Whatever it is it sounds bad news if its cracked your ceilings.

Answered 22nd Feb 2012

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My guess is you've got some form of gas leak. Seems too coincidental you've got a gas supply up there and there's been an explosive bang. In my infancy i've gone through a ring main live cable with cutters and took out the main supply fuse which is 60A and the bang was loud but i wouldn't describe as explosive and certainly wouldn't have damaged a ceiling how you've mentioned. I can't see it being your electrical installation. If i were you i'd get the gas board out straight away as what you've said is very concerning.

Good luck

Answered 22nd Feb 2012

Mr Wires

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