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Replacing long radiators with a shorter radiator.


Brought a new house and I want to replace the radiator in the living room with a cast iron radiator. The issue is that the radiator I want to replace is 190cm long. The radiator I want to replace it with is 130cm (this will save me a significant amount of money, and I have calculated the BTU and it works). Without ripping up the flooring which has been recently laid, can I adjust the piping above the floorboard to fit? If so what do I need to do?

Not so concerned about aesthetics, as the TV unit and two large flower pots will cover either extreme and of the radiator and any exposed pipes.


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Hi if you drain your heating system take out old radiator and fit new radiator in centre then cut radiator pipes above floor and fit bends and new pipe work. Which will be about 300mm from both sides in to new radiator values then put inhibitor in and refill heating system then your plant pots will hide the new pipe work, materials needed to do this job would be if 15mm / 1m of 15mm copper pipe 4-15mm compression bends 15mm radiator valves and inhibitor


Answered 5th May 2019

Hi, to start with I wouldn’t recommend to do it by yourself, draining heating system and refilling after can cause an airlock ( depending on the type of the system) also it has to be bled and few other things to be done, to have it running efficiently, take in consideration any leaks after you done the job, what if you get up in the morning and finding your ground floor completely flooded or worse, both - first and ground. Just an advice to get someone competent. Regarding the pipe work- yes it can be done, presuming feed and return pipes are long enough above floor level. However, the end product wouldn’t look nice, i know you mentioned about covering it. Get a free quote from the professional, he will explain you a possible options for the end result and you can choose the best one. Better be safe than sorry.
Good luck


Answered 5th May 2019

As above this is professional Plumbing job as you not going to need the radiator because SUMMER has just started than by September you will have round £150-200 to get this job done properly. Thanks Leo


Answered 31st May 2019

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