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Windows and french doors installed, marks on the , where do i stand

Hi all

I just had new windows and French doors fitted.

One of the bigger windows has a blackbmark on the inside of the double.glsxing, it can't be removed from the inside or outside of the house.

One of the seals on the French doors has a split of around 1cm

Also there some small scratch marks on the outside of fhe French door trim the French doors meet, and minor ones on the inside in a similar place.

I've paid for these windows etc already, but I have notified the company, I know it's cosmetic but still, Ive paid several thousand for new windows etc and I'd expect them to me free from scratches etc

Where do I stand if he doesn't help rectify this? As I have my doubts.


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In our experience the glass unit would need to be replaced, when making the glass the glue thats used it often black and sometimes this can get on the glass when the unit is being made. Actually not a huge issue if they catch this before but in my opinion the glass would need to be changed now.

The seal will also need to be changed which again, should not be a massive job.

Regarding the scratches, it is amazing how far a little prep can go, by making sure they are suitably protected while being transported and fitted, I would see what they are willing to do for you on that, did they get you to check them before they were installed?

Hope all this info helps.



Answered 3rd May 2019

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